Military Divorce Rate Reaches Highest Level of 21st Century


Military Divorce Rate Reaches Highest Level of 21st Century

For many years, the military divorce rate has been much lower than that of the general population, and there are many reasons for that reality.  In recent years, the military divorce rate has been seen as plateauing by many experts who track these sorts of statistics.  These statistics are tracked because many military officials feel that distractions such as divorce or other problems at home can lead to problems regarding performance for soldiers, especially those who are deployed in a combat zone.

Unfortunately, those statistics have revealed what many feel is daunting news, as the military divorce rate has recently reached its highest level since the turn of the 21st Century.  Specifically, nearly 30,000 marriages involving at least one member of the military ended during the fiscal year of 2011, and that computes to a divorce rate of 3.7 percent.  For the first time in many years, this rate was greater than that of the general population during the same time period, which stood at 3.6 percent.

What’s more concerning to many officials and family law experts is that now that many troops will be returning home after long and sometimes repeated deployments in Iraq, the number of military divorces is expected to rise sharply in the coming months and years.  This will only lead to additional problems both for individual soldiers and for the military leadership.

San Diego Military Divorce Lawyers

Even though there are so many things regarding the basic day to day life for military members and their spouses that are distinct from the civilian population, when marriages become difficult people suffer regardless of their lifestyle or background.  Therefore, any soldier who encounters serious marital problems needs to act in order to put those problems in the past as quickly as possible.

If you are a member of the military and you need to consider the possibility of ending your marriage, you should seek the help of San Diego military divorce lawyers who have the background and perspective necessary to understand your situation.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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