Delaying Time between Issuance of Marriage License and Ceremony


Michigan Legislature Considers Bill Delaying Time between Issuance of Marriage License and Ceremony

When people attempt to curb the high divorce rate in the country, they tend to look to several options for action.  When governmental entities take up the same cause, it usually takes on the form of proposed legislation.  That’s what the legislature in Michigan is apparently attempting to do by introducing a bill that would lengthen the amount of time between the issuance of a marriage license and the actual ceremony that would be performed in the state.

As it stands now, couples who obtain a marriage license must wait three days between the receipt of their license and the actual wedding.  According to the terms of a bill proposed by the State Senate, couples who do not go through pre-marital counseling would have to wait for at least 28 days to have their ceremony.  The reasoning behind this bill is that some have stated that more than 10 percent of couples who go through this counseling realize that they should not go through with the marriage.  Therefore, the logic would state that these marriages that could end up in a divorce could be avoided.

As would be expected, this bill is sparking heated debate from all points in the political spectrum.  Many critics feel that such a law would not only have little or no effect on the divorce rate in the state, but that this delay is an impingement on the basic freedoms enjoyed by citizens.  There is also no study that tends to back the thinking behind this bill.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers

The basic fact regarding marriage and divorce is that there is no secret tonic or solution that would ever eliminate the possibility of a divorce, as a marriage is a uniquely personal dynamic that exists between two people that can change over time.  People should have as much right to get married as they do to seek a divorce when they feel that this is the best solution.

If you are facing the possibility of ending your marriage, you need to seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who have helped many clients through this difficult process.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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