Mexico City Considers Two-Year Renewable Marriage Contracts


Mexico City Considers Two-Year Renewable Marriage Contracts

For centuries, the institution of marriage has been thought of as a lifetime commitment. However, in modern times, divorce has become much more common than it was in historic times. As a result, family courts all over the world are overloaded with cases and divorce cases can take years to complete simply because of the number of cases on a docket. It seems that legislators in Mexico City are attempting to manage the 50-percent divorce rate in a unique and controversial manner.

Specifically, legislation has been proposed that would allow couples who are getting married to sign a two-year, renewable marriage contract instead of committing for a lifetime as has been traditionally done.  These contracts would set out duties that include healthcare and child-related duties, and if the couples decide that their marriage is not working, they would simply allow the contract to lapse without renewing it, thereby ending the marriage without having to go through the divorce process.

If a couple decides that their marriage is not working before they hit the two-year limit, they could still obtain a divorce before their contract lapses, but officials are hoping to reduce the caseload of family courts.  As could be imagined, this idea is being roundly criticized by people from all different backgrounds as flying in the face of what marriage is supposed to mean to couples who make this commitment.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers

Clearly, this two-year marriage contract is something that would be hard to imagine in the United States, regardless of whether it would actually reduce the caseload in the family courts.  As it stands and as it will likely stand, people in San Diego and in the United States who decide that they need to end their marriage will need to initiate the divorce process in order to legally dissolve their marriage.

If you are facing the possibility of your marriage ending, you need to take immediate steps to obtain the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of fathers and husbands for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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