How Man's Best Friend Can Help Through & After Divorce


How Man’s Best Friend Can Help Through & After Divorce

How Man’s Best Friend Can Help Through & After Divorce

While no two divorce cases are exactly alike, a common thread found in many is the emotional toll experienced by those involved. Professional help is certainly a recommended option but another route to consider is getting a pet.

In this issue, we’ll talk about how and why a pet can have such a powerfully positive impact on you and your children as all affected parties navigate their new life.

Is there any scientific evidence of positive effects from pets?

There sure is. A recent TIME magazine article contained results from studies confirming that people with pets are typically healthier than those without. Their blood pressure is generally lower, and their heart rate and risk of heart-disease are in much better shape.

How can having a pet make divorce easier for my children?

According to a report from NBC News, children in homes with a dog tend to have much less anxiety and are better able to deal with separation and anxiety issues.

Having a pet also tends to improve a child’s social skills. In an interview with the New York Times, one psychologist said, “Having a pet improves children’s role-taking skills because they put themselves in the pet’s position and try to feel how the pet feels. And that transfers to how other kids feel.”

Additionally, pets can provide children with a sense of security as the family transitions, and can help a child bridge communication gaps with adults.

How can having a pet help me?

Again, there’s plenty of research showing that merely being around a familiar animal can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce your anxiety and depression. Having a pet also goes a long way towards providing you with an overall healthier lifestyle, including regular walks outside.

Additionally, pets become aware of their owners’ routine, which can be beneficial to those with diabetes and other health conditions.

Call the men’s divorce lawyer in San Diego.

If you’re a man facing divorce in San Diego, you owe it to yourself to make sure you and your assets are taken care of. That’s why it makes sense to rely upon the skills of a lawyer who specializes in men’s rights.

Here at the Men’s Legal Center, we proudly champion the rights of husbands, fathers, and non-custodial parents.

To get started with your case, call the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego at (619) 234-3838. You can also reach us through email.

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