Collections Efforts Garner Over $800,000 in Back Child Support


Louisiana Casino Collections Efforts Garner Over $800,000 in Back Child Support


When parents are ordered by a court to pay child support, that order needs to be taken extremely seriously, much like any other court order. When this order is not adhered to and child support payments are not made, courts and enforcement agencies can and often do use almost any means necessary to collect on past-due amounts. Different jurisdictions have gotten more creative and expansive with their collection efforts in recent years, and Louisiana has had success with a new program.

The state has joined other jurisdictions in attempting to collect past-due child support payments from casino winnings generated in facilities within its jurisdiction. To date, approximately $806,000 in past-due child support has been collected in this manner. One parent saw over $100,000 in winnings taken to pay down that type of debt. This program is barely more than a year old there, and participating casinos use databases to cross-check for this type of debt when someone attempts to collect winnings.

Casino winnings are yet another item that has been added to the growing list of types of income that can be intercepted when parents owe back child support. These aggressive collection efforts are only part of the legal trouble that someone can face when he or she is not remaining current on these types of court orders, and we can expect that list of collectible items to continue to grow in the future.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

All this should be taken to mean that any parent who owes child support anywhere needs to do anything but sit and wait and hope that the problem will resolve itself, as it will not. Instead, people in this position need to be proactive if they encounter problems such that they should at least attempt to adjust those payments if their financial circumstances change.

If you are a parent who is facing any type of potential problem with regards to this obligation, you need to seek the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have been helping fathers with these situations for many years. Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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