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Divorce and Long Commutes

If you’re married and have a daily commute that’s 45 minutes one-way, did you know that you’re more likely to divorce than folks with shorter commutes? Well, that’s the big takeaway from a study carried out by Umea University in Sweden.

In fact, the researchers found that long commutes hike up the chances of divorce by 40%!

Reasons for Long Commutes Leading to Divorce

Among the reasons for long hauls leading to divorce are:

  • One spouse is forced to remain in a job closer to home and assume a bigger role in raising children and taking care of the home
  • Large chunks of precious time that are spent on the road – and away from the spouse and family – are forever lost
  • Long commutes often include stressors such as heavy traffic and frequent delays – that stress can easily find its way home and into your relationship
  • Subconscious guilt experienced by the spouse with the commute may lead that person to act defensively or make decisions they normally wouldn’t make

Not All Marriages Are Doomed by Commutes

Findings from the Umea University study showed that people who had been experiencing long commutes for five years or more were only 1% more likely to experience divorce. Separations were also less likely for those who have been commuting before the relationship even began.

No Matter the Reason: Men’s Legal Center is Your Divorce Resource

Whether your divorce has been caused by a long commute or not, your best bet is to have legal representation during the process. The San Diego men’s rights lawyers here at the Men’s Legal Center are committed to providing you with the knowledge, experience and resources needed to put you in the best possible position for a positive and fair outcome.

If you’re a man facing or considering divorce, we urge you to call the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego at (619) 234-3838.


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