Life As A Single Dad: Do You Need Help?


Life As A Single Dad: Do You Need Help?

Life as a single dad

While men are just as capable as women of physically taking care of children, in our society men are often not taught child care skills from an early age, while many women are. This is a cultural reflection and not a physical one; men who are left with the custody of their children can be wonderful single parents, provided they have the access to the right training and help. If you are a single dad facing the prospect of raising a child, there are some places you can turn for help, especially if you feel overwhelmed or afraid of tackling the job ahead of you. The Men’s Legal Center offers tips on finding help for single dads as well as providing help for men who want custody of their children and need help with the legal process.

  • Find female mentors for your children. No matter what the situation with your ex-wife, your children need some strong female guidance. If their mother cannot provide that, turn to those who can. Your female relatives may be willing to help, but you can also seek support from church or civic groups. Be honest about your need to find some good female role models for your kids and the right women will naturally gravitate toward you.
  • Join a support group. Many men see joining a support group as a sign of weakness. Actually, it shows great strength of character to admit that you cannot do it all alone. Seek the support of other adults who are facing the same struggles. Your local Family and Children Services office can give you a list of support groups in your area, or you can search for them on the web.
  • Accept help when needed from government agencies. You may qualify for government assistance in the form of monetary payments for child care, food and housing if your income meets the requirements. If you qualify, take the help. Your children’s health and well-being are too important to risk turning away any type of financial help you can get for them.

Contact the Men’s Legal Center today if you are a single dad or if you are having trouble with custody issues. We are here to help you exercise your rights and, if possible, win your battle to have custody of your children.

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