The King’s Daughter to Pay Her Ex’s Legal Fees; Could It Happen To You?


The King’s Daughter to Pay Her Ex’s Legal Fees; Could It Happen To You?

Legal Fees

According to reports, Lisa Marie Presley will have to pay the legal fees of her soon-to-be ex-husband. Could you be required by the courts to pay your spouse’s legal fees?

We’ll talk about it in this issue.

How Much Will Lisa Marie Presley Have to Pay?

Reporters for People magazine say that Presley will have to pay her husband’s lawyer $50,000 – in $10,000 monthly installments.

Presley is actually getting off light as her husband was actually asking for $100,000 to cover his legal fees and $40,000 per month for spousal support. The court will conduct a separate hearing about the spousal support to examine their postnuptial agreement. Presley maintains that the postnup firmly rules out payments for support.

Was The Court Right in Requiring Presley to Pay Spouse’s Legal Fees?

Typically, each spouse is responsible for covering their own legal fees. However, there are guidelines and requirements in the California Family Law code for determining if one spouse must cover the legal fees of the other. There are need-based requirements and “penalties” for bad behavior during the divorce.

California Family Code 2030 – 2032 essentially states that the Court will look at the incomes of both spouses. If the incomes differ greatly, the spouse with the higher income may be required to pay all or some of the legal fees owed by the other spouse.

The goal of this law is to make sure one spouse doesn’t have an unfair advantage over the other spouse.

Family Code 271, on the other hand, provides the Court with authority to order one spouse pay for the other’s legal fees as a punishment for bad behavior during the divorce process.

To Make Sure Your Right Are Protect in Divorce, Call The Men’s Legal Center in San Diego

Having a skilled lawyer on your side can pay off in many ways for you while going through the divorce process. Because divorces are often filled with emotion and stress, it would be practically impossible for you to anticipate the twists and turns your case can make.

The steady hand of a skilled lawyer can ensure that your rights remain intact throughout the process.

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