Issue of Obesity Coming to Forefront in Child Custody Cases


Issue of Obesity Coming to Forefront in Child Custody Cases

As the issue of obesity in children in the United States continues to gain attention as the rate of childhood obesity continues to rise, obesity is beginning to penetrate several aspects of life, and many of these entries are unfortunate.  One area where childhood obesity is beginning to become more prevalent concerns child custody battles.  Family law attorneys and family court judges were recently surveyed and agreed with the notion that this issue is being used as evidence.

While it seems unfortunate that a child’s obesity is being used by one parent against another in an attempt to obtain primary custody of that child, there are reasons behind it.  Specifically, most jurisdictions place the standard for deciding child custody on what would be in the best interests of the child.  In addition Pennsylvania just added language to that standard to include both the emotional and physical best interests.

Not to mention, the childhood obesity rate is becoming so profound in the United States that in some situations its mention simply cannot be avoided.  According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 17 percent, or nearly 13 million children and teens would currently be classified as obese.  That’s a staggering number that is sure to find its way into divorce cases when quality of care and nutrition are offered as evidence of a lack of oversight by one parent.

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The situation discussed above should tell anyone who is facing a battle for child custody just how nasty these situations can get.  When emotions dominate strategic thinking, particularly strong emotions such as anger and spite, these battles can spiral out of control and become extremely dysfunctional and harmful for the children involved.

If you are facing the possibility of ending your marriage and there are children of that marriage who would be at issue with regards to custody, you need to obtain the help of a steady and relentless team of San Diego child custody lawyers who will help you understand the process and move diligently towards a proper result.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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