Is Dennis Quaid Being Clever About Child Support?


Is Dennis Quaid Being Clever About Child Support?

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On the heels of a successful 2019, Longtime Hollywood film favorite Dennis Quaid is looking to make sure his child support payments don’t increase too much with child support attorney’s.

While his divorce agreement requires him to pay $13,750 per month in child support, it contains a clause for the payments to increase if his annual income tops $1.3 million.

A third season renewal for his Amazon original series “Goliath,” coupled with his recurring Esurance commercial work and the successes of the films “A Dog’s Purpose” and “Merry Happy Whatever” has even Quaid admits he’s doing far better than the $1.3 million thresholds.

How Dennis Quaid Plans to Avoid Clause

Quaid is essentially agreeing to a voluntary increase for support – just not as much as would be required by the clause?

His rationale for the change?

He says that he spends more time with his 12-year-old twins than their mother, and he already covers all of their expenses and does not make mistakes when paying child support.

In other words, Quaid may not have another $6 million years like 2019 so he doesn’t want the increase in child support to be based solely on that one year of revenue.

How Long Will I Be Required to Pay Child Support Required in California?

If you’re ordered by the court to pay support for your children, you’ll have to do so until the child reaches the age of 18. If your child is still attending high school, the order for support may continue until after graduation.

Keep in mind there are some circumstances when support will be required well into the adult years of the child.

For example, if the child has special needs that require unique attention, support may be extended.

Are There Any Other Forms of Child Support Beyond Money?

Yes. In legal circles, this is known as “in-kind” support. This can come in a host of ways, like paying for baby products (diapers, stroller, formula); providing school supplies; food and clothing, etc.

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