Illinois Considers Law Aiding Military Parents in Child Custody Cases


Illinois Considers Law Aiding Military Parents in Child Custody Cases

When married parents of a child pursue a divorce, one of the most difficult issues to handle during this process is that of child custody.  Emotions run high and turmoil can erupt when this issue comes about, and those parents who are active military members and who are either deployed or about to be deployed can be at a disadvantage in certain situations.  However, legislators in Illinois have taken steps to pass a law that would aid military parents in child custody cases.

Specifically, a bill has passed the state senate there that would lead to several changes in child custody and visitation proceedings in the state, particularly for military members who are on deployment or under deployment orders.  These changes would include an expedited hearing process for parents in this situation.  Parents who are deployed would also be allowed to testify over the phone or in another way during the proceeding.

Finally, this bill allows a parent on deployment to designate a person that the child knows to act as a substitute for the parent who is on deployment.  Most believe that this person would usually be a grandparent.  These adjustments to child custody and visitation would be temporary in nature and would govern the situation while the military parent is deployed.  The purpose of the law is to provide a higher degree of fairness to parents in this situation who can have their situations held against them when it comes to deciding these issues.

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Most people understand that all military parents who are on active duty face difficult situations when it comes to spending time with their children, and these difficulties only become more intense when a divorce and child custody issues arise.  Any steps taken to promote fairness in this regard would be seen by many as a positive step.

If you are in the military and you’re facing the possibility of ending your marriage in which children are involved, you need to seek the help of San Diego child custody lawyers who have been helping fathers who serve our country for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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