How to Talk to Your Spouse About Divorce


How to Talk to Your Spouse About Divorce

how to talk to your spouse about divorce

After trying everything possible, you may have made the choice to end your marriage, and now it’s time to talk to your spouse about divorce. Many people fear talking with their spouse about divorce because they believe the conversation will devastate the other person or trigger an angry and vengeful reaction. While there is no “one-size-fits-all” conversation for asking for a divorce, there are several tips you can follow to make the conversation easier.

  • Be prepared. Determine how your spouse feels before asking for a divorce. If she is as miserable as you, the conversation may not come as a surprise and may be a relief. However, if your spouse is ignorant of your true feelings, the reaction may be much more emotional.
  • Choose the right place and time. Ensure you are alone and can talk without interruption. This may mean finding someone to watch the kids. Also consider the timing of this conversation. If your spouse has recently lost a loved one or been fired, you may not want to discuss such a painful topic. While there will never be a perfect time to discuss divorce, some times are obviously better than others.
  • Be firm. While you want to be gentle when speaking with your spouse about divorce, you also do not want to be ignored or to have your spouse refuse to take you seriously. Be firm, but do not approach the conversation from a place of anger.
  • Prepare for reaction. Be prepared for a retaliation. While it does not always occur, some spouses are angered by the proposal of a divorce and may react with anger or sadness. Be prepared and remain calm. If there is any chance of a physical attack, remove yourself from the situation until things calm down.

Speaking to your spouse about a divorce will never be easy. However, if you feel there is no other way to continue in your marriage, divorce may be the right choice. Speak with a counselor before making any rash decisions. You should also discuss your situation with your divorce attorney to be as prepared as possible when speaking with your spouse.

Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

The team at Men’s Legal Center is here to help you during this difficult time. We understand the many issues surrounding divorce, so our team is prepared to help you through this difficult time. We can help with any issue, from child custody to division of assets. When you seek a divorce, we will help you ensure your rights are fully protected and that you receive a fair resolution to your case. Our family law lawyers in San Diego are ready to work with you to resolve your differences peacefully.

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