How to Make Long-Distance Parenting Work


How to Make Long-Distance Parenting Work

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Statistics tell us that the average person in the U.S. can expect to move more than 11 times during his lifetime. That can be tough on any family, especially for ones who have experienced divorce. However, communication with your child doesn’t have to suffer if you’re separated by city or even state boundaries.

In this issue, we’ll share a few simple tricks for how you can stay in touch with your child in spite of the physical difference between you.

How can I stay in touch with my child if I have to move?

Whether it’s a new career opportunity, new relationship or something else altogether, there are a host of reasons why significant distance may come between you and your child. But distance doesn’t necessarily mean that communication between you and your child should suffer.

Here are a few tips for how you can make long-distance parenting work for you and your child.

  1. Take charge.
    Because you’re the adult in the relationship, responsibility for initiating and maintaining contact with you child falls upon you by default. Be sure to ask about things that will stimulate conversation (their best friends, how things are going at school, offering to help them with their homework, etc.); these will be perfect jumping off points to extend conversations.
  2. Don’t take it personally if your child doesn’t want to or can’t talk with you as long as you’d like.
    Just like you, your child has a lot going on in his or her life. Whether it’s playing with neighborhood friends, studying or taking part in a summer soccer league, your child does have other interests.

    The thing that will make “always being their when your child needs you” payoff in the long run is that he or she will know that you can be counted on, no matter what.

  3. Put technology to work for you.
    There’s little question that a phone call can work great, but be sure to video chat whenever possible. You’ll benefit so much from seeing your child’s face in addition to hearing the voice.

    Also, if your child has a cellphone, send a surprise text. Even a simple message as short as, “Hey buddy, how was your day?” can go a long way in letting your child know you’re thinking of them.

  4. Establish a set time for talking, and stick with it.
    Talking during dinnertime can work but has the potential to be riddled with distractions. Instead, set up a time when you know that you and your child will most likely be able to give one another undivided attention.

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The main thing to remember about being a divorced dad is to make sure your child can count on you, no matter what. Consistency is the key. Most dads, especially ones who are divorced, will go through a time of feeling they’ve let their child down. If and when this happens to you, pick up the phone immediately, and let your child know how much you love them.

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