How To Handle Your Online Posts During A Divorce


online posting and divorce

Today’s world is saturated with online content. Between social media, email and blogs, an individual can post his or her thoughts almost as soon as they occur and share them with a large number of people. In most cases, this is a great thing, but during a divorce it can spell disaster.

Tips for Handling Social Media Through a Divorce

Here are some tips for handling yourself online as you go through a divorce from the attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center.

1) Give it 24 hours. If you are angry and are tempted to post something on social media or to send an email, make yourself wait 24 hours. You can even compose the post or email; just do not hit “send” until you have had some time to think. This simple tip can keep you from posting or sending something that can cause months or years of heartache.

2) Never post anything you do not want your kids to read. If your children are like most, they use social media whether you realize it or not. It is almost guaranteed that if you post something nasty about their mom, they will find it quickly. Do yourself and your kids a favor and avoid getting into any type of inflammatory argument with your ex via online posts.

3) Keep copies of your ex’s posts and emails. Sometimes the tables are turned and you are the recipient of nasty emails or posts. If this is the case, keep copies to show your attorney, but do not answer these emails or posts with any type of response. For one thing, answering only prolongs the arguments; for another, your answer could be taken out of context by anyone reading it in the future. The best answer to inflammatory web content is no answer at all.

4) Document your interactions. It is a good idea to send an email to your ex prior to picking up the kids or dropping them off if there has been any confusion about the schedule. You can also share an online calendar to facilitate planning. The idea is to ensure that you have ample documentation that you have attempted to comply with any court orders, and that your ex has not.

If you are facing a divorce, child custody or child support issue, let the experts at the Men’s Legal Center help.

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