You'll Never Think To Do THIS With Your Teenager During Divorce!


teenagers and divorce

Teenagers are likely to take divorce very hard.  How can you support and help your teens through your impending divorce?  The experts at Men’s Legal Center in California have some suggestions.

  • Talk to your teens openly. While you should avoid any negative talk about your spouse, talk to your teens openly and share information with them about the progress of your divorce case.  Teens resent being treated like children, so trying to shield them from the truth will only result in difficulties.  Treat them as young adults, and while you do not need to share the “gory details,” be honest with them about your divorce and its impact on you.
  • Do not put teens in the middle. Even more than being treated like children, teens resent being put in the middle between warring parents.  At all costs, keep your teens out of your battles with your ex.  It may be better to keep all communication to written form for some time to avoid acrimonious arguments in front of your teens.
  • Be flexible with their wishes. Teens have their own social schedules and lives, and they may find it difficult to adjust to every-other-weekend visitation.  If you must take your teens out of their own social endeavors, be sure that you discuss the matter with them and help them schedule alternative activities.  Show that you care about their plans.
  • Be firm about visitation. However, that does not mean that you should give up your visitation simply because your teens want to be with their friends.  A reasonable visitation schedule means that you have time with your children.  They will benefit from being with you, even if they are somewhat resentful at first on having to miss out on some activities.
  • Stay involved with their lives. If your teen plays a sport, go to the games.  If your teen loves music, arrange for concerts and other activities that you two can do together.  Teens know when someone takes a genuine interest in their lives, and they enjoy the time spent together with you.

If you are facing a divorce, it is important for you to have the right legal representation.  Contact the family law attorneys at Men’s Legal Center in San Diego today for help.  We can assist you in finding the solutions you need to visitation, custody, child support, alimony and property division issues.  Call today for an appointment.


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