What Hollywood Teaches Us About Divorce


What Hollywood Teaches Us About Divorce

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It is in the media constantly; “A-List Star Gets Divorced!” The media relentlessly reports on celebrity divorces just as they do sporting matches. These very public divorces cause emotions to run high as the public reacts. Because of the lack of privacy within these high-profile divorces, the media and the public get the impression that their opinions matter about these individual’s intimate affairs. Sadly for those involved, it really just makes them public spectacles with an audience who seems to enjoy hearing about disposable marriages.

Hollywood’s Influence on Divorce

It is bad enough that half of normal marriages end in divorce, but statistics say that in Hollywood the divorce rate is an astonishing 80 percent! That means that only two marriages out of ten survive. Needless to say, Hollywood has not had the best track record with marriage and divorce.  However, the intense scrutiny surrounding these celebrity marriage and divorce situations may lead to unrealistic expectations among “normal” couples. For example, some marriages collapse because the couple mistakenly believes that they must live a certain lifestyle that their income does not support. This belief often springs from too much attention to high-profile celebrity lifestyles and constant bombardment with images of “the good life.”

Despite the publicity of Hollywood divorces, it is important to note that no matter who the couple is, famous or not, a marriage is a union between two individuals. Regardless of how society has evolved, the dissolution of a marriage is the end of a relationship that was once important to two people. Divorce should be treated with respect and used cautiously as a last resort if a couple cannot work out their differences.

Hollywood’s Influence on Your Children

It is no surprise that modern marriages are influenced by Hollywood, as stories on celebrity divorces are constantly making headlines, both in news sources and in print. This can have an effect on children whose parents are going through a divorce. It is important to remind your children that neither statistics nor celebrities define relationships. Rather, they should be open to the many benefits of marriage and realize that though half fail, half of marriages do survive. The married couple defines their relationship and should strive not to let the media or Hollywood impact it in a negative way.

When you find yourself unhappy in your marriage and want to consider divorce, Men’s Legal Center is here to help. We believe that both men and women deserve happiness. Getting a divorce is one viable option for those who are unhappy in a marriage. When you are considering taking the next step towards divorce, the professional divorce lawyers can help you. Call Men’s Legal Center today for more information.

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