Hiring A Babysitter


Hiring A Babysitter

How to Find a babysitter

As a full-time dad, you are now in charge of finding a babysitter when you must be away from your children. Some people may feel like they are failing at their job as “Father” by hiring a babysitter, but this is not true. In fact, a good parent knows who to call when he or she needs child care. Even if you are not planning on using the babysitter very often, it is important to have a person you can count on available to watch your children in an emergency or when you must be away.

How Can I Find The Right Babysitter?

As you begin the hunt for a good babysitter, start by asking friends, neighbors, and parents from school for recommendations. A good babysitter will have a good name in the community. Your coworkers may also be able to give you insight by sharing the names of their babysitters. More often than not, a reliable babysitter’s name will pop up more than once, particularly in a small neighborhood.

Once you have a few names in mind, invite these babysitters over for an interview. When interviewing babysitters, remember that they are interviewing you too. Be honest about your expectations and pay. Include a contact sheet with emergency information as well as notes about your children such as allergies, behavior issues and your discipline expectations.

Easing the Transition

Once you believe you have found someone who will be a good match, introduce the babysitter to your kids. Remember, a babysitter may feel uncomfortable at first if you are just standing there watching him or her interact with the children. Make sure the meet is casual. It could just be a hello at the park or an ice cream date.

After the meeting, talk with and listen to your kids. Ask them what they thought about the babysitter. You want your child to feel safe and comfortable. It is normal for children to be relatively indifferent to a babysitter at first; it is not necessary for the child to gush about the babysitter in order for him or her to be a good child care provider. However, if the child has genuine concerns, address them.

Check references. Parents may feel that it is somehow rude to question the babysitter’s qualifications, but a quick phone call or email is always in order to protect your children. If someone refuses to give references, or if the references are less than enthusiastic, it might be better to choose another sitter.

If you are totally satisfied with the candidate make an offer, make a spare key, and sit down and discuss rules and expectations. Be sure that you give the babysitter everything he or she needs to do a good job. Once you have hired a babysitter, be open in communicating whether you want something done differently. A good babysitter wants to be recommended again and will correct any problems immediately.

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