Giving Up To Win: Compromise Key To Many Settlements


Giving Up To Win: Compromise Key To Many Settlements

compromise and divorce

You may have heard the old saying, “You have to give a little to gain a lot.”  This saying is never more accurate than when you are negotiating a divorce settlement.  The Men’s Legal Center in San Diego may be able to help you negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement in your divorce case.  Their attorneys have handled thousands of cases in which the parties were able to come to terms with a divorce and agree on equitable division of property as well as handle the issues surrounding the children such as custody and child support.

Compromise Is Key In Any Negotiation

When it comes to negotiating a settlement of any type, compromise is key.  Divorce is no different; it simply appears that way because it involves so much of our personal and emotional equity that the stakes seem much higher to most of us.  However, a divorce negotiation is handled in the same basic way that any other negotiation is handled:  by the parties being willing to compromise in order to reach a final agreement.

This means that it is critical that you understand the nature of compromise and be willing to put the power of this technique to work for you in your divorce settlement.

What Is Compromise?

We all think we know what compromise means, but we are all usually surprised when we are asked to put it to work in our own lives.  Compromise literally means giving up ground in order to gain ground, so it requires you to be aware of your “line in the sand” as well as what you are able to give up.

A good idea when you are approaching a compromise is to take your bottom line and write it down.  Now, add a bit to each of the things you want and use that as your starting negotiation point.  For example, suppose that you want 50 percent of the assets from your marriage as well as two weekends per month and two days per week visitation with your children.  You may start by asking for 60 percent of the assets and three days per week as well as three weekends per month visitation.  You already know you probably will not get this but it is a good idea to ask for it so that you can “drop back” to your real goal.

The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego are ready to work with you to help you reach an equitable agreement in your divorce negotiations.

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