Getting Remarried? Avoid These 5 Things On Your Big Day


Getting Remarried? Avoid These 5 Things On Your Big Day


Research from the Pew Research Center tells us that 67% of those who have been married actually remarried in their quest for a “happier ever after” life. If you find yourself ready to take another chance on wedded bliss, we encourage you to read on.

Originally published in the Daily Mail (UK), the founder of a wedding planning and design business has shared her take on the biggest mistakes a bride and groom often make on their special day. We share a few of them here.

Top Wedding Day Complaints

Early Day Weddings
Perhaps it’s because the bachelor and bachelorette parties occur the night before. Whatever the reason, afternoon wedding guests tend to be bored or hungover –  or both.

Financially, earlier starts often mean that you’ll be on the hook for feeding and watering your guests for a longer period of time than an early evening start.

No Time for Lulls
It’s important to keep things moving during your big day. Weddings that have multiple hours of milling about translate to boredom and restlessness among the guests.

Treat Them to Drinks
In pricey reception halls, a glass of wine can be a bit expensive. A cash bar can be a wise investment that will keep your guests singing your praises.

You can either have guests pay for their own refreshments; issue vouchers or tickets for a limited amount of complimentary drinks while the guests pay for any additional ones; or cover the costs of all refreshments.

Poor Vegetarian Options
Too often, vegetarians get a bit tired of goat’s cheese with little else to select from. Make everyone feel welcome by offering delectables like risotto, ravioli or some type of fusion dish.

A DJ Who Can’t Get The Party Started
An empty dance floor puts a damper on the reception faster than just about anything else. Make sure your DJ or live band plays tunes from across the ages with classic party tunes that everyone will know and enjoy.

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