Get Help for Anger Issues


Get Help for Anger Issues

anger issues in divorce

While most people do not like to talk about the reality of spousal abuse, the fact remains that divorce can be a dangerous time for both partners.

Tragedy struck in Kern County recently when a man apparently killed his wife and himself after she asked for a divorce. This story underlines the importance of dealing with separations through mediation and third parties when necessary and of seeking help for emotions that can become overwhelming at such a time.

While most partners never resort to physical abuse, the emotional toll of stress during a divorce can easily lead to emotional and mental abuse on the part of both parties. It can also lead to serious depression for either partner along with feelings of hopelessness. Those who find themselves dealing with uncontrollable anger or overwhelming feelings of sadness should seek help for these emotions before they spiral out of control.

Getting Help for Anger Issues

A divorce can be an extremely stressful and emotional time for anyone. The emotions can range from sadness to fear to anger, and it is likely you will experience all of these feelings before the divorce is finalized. Though it is natural to feel anger towards your ex-spouse, it is important that you take the necessary steps to get help for the emotions you are feeling about the divorce and your new life.

Anger creates stress in the body and mind which can throw your body off-balance. Over a long period of time, unaddressed stress can lead to serious mental and health issues. According to the National Institute of Health, a range of physical conditions can arise from prolonged anger including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, headaches, digestion problems, diabetes, insomnia, eating disorders, skin problems and, not surprisingly, depression. Rather than letting anger destroy your health, consider speaking to someone about it and learn to let go.

Handling Divorce Stress

For those who are going through divorce, you can lessen your stress and worry by seeking help from the divorce attorneys at Men’s Legal Center. We are experienced in working with men who are going through divorce. We can ensure that your legal rights are fully exercised and that you receive a fair deal in the divorce. Do not take on the burden of divorce alone. Let the compassionate and knowledgeable team at Men’s Legal Center help you today.

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