Should I Get A Divorce?


Should I Get A Divorce?

should i divorce

Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but for a marriage to work both partners need to be on the same page and stay committed and invested. When this is not the case, you can easily find yourself stuck in an unhealthy union that can have a negative impact on not just you and your spouse’s lives but on your children, family and friends as well. If you see yourself trapped in the same depressing patterns, it may be time to attack your fear of change and be happy again.

Divorce is not a cure for all marital ills, but it is also important not to polarize yourself into a position of refusing to consider divorce. This is particularly important if your spouse refuses to work on your problems. There actually are good reasons for divorce, although they should be weighed carefully before making this important decision.

Your Children Could Be Happier

Contrary to popular belief, staying married is not automatically better for your kids. Fear of harming your children by divorcing your wife can be an easy way to dismiss the possibility of divorce, but you should not let this fear affect your decision. Children who spend time in a home that is filled with tension, negative emotion and chronic conflict tend to absorb and feel responsible for these issues, leaving them unhappy and distraught. Choosing divorce when you are living in a chronically unhappy marriage can even show your children that they do not have to remain in an unhappy relationship, something that may prove beneficial to them later in life.

Your Emotional And Physical Health Could Drastically Improve

Divorce can lead to an improvement of your emotional wellbeing and physical health. While healthy couples can resolve disagreements that leave both people feeling better, relationships with chronic negative dynamics tend to breed resentment. This can leave both partners feeling as if they are living in a fight-or-flight state, making it more difficult to eat, sleep and nurture themselves emotionally. Ending a toxic union is often a first step to taking better care of yourself.

Knowing that the grief will pass is incredibly important when deciding if it is time for a divorce. For many, the fear of unthinkable pain keeps them trapped in an unhappy and possibly unhealthy marriage. However, remaining in an unhealthy relationship, particularly if abuse is involved, is sometimes the worse of two bad choices. Once the relationship is over, grieving can occur in a healthy way and you can move forward with your life.

If you know it is time to move on from your unhappy marriage and you live in or around the San Diego area, Men’s Legal Center may be able to help you. Men’s Legal Center includes a team of divorce lawyers who are aggressive, knowledgeable and passionate about protecting the rights of their clients. Contact us today for a consultation about your situation.

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