Find Out Why You Should Avoid Online Divorce Sites


Find Out Why You Should Avoid Online Divorce Sites

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If you’re a man facing divorce, it may be tempting to try out one of those online divorce services. While they certainly seem to be on the rise, is it really a good idea to entrust a life-altering decision with a faceless online site? Perhaps a more important question to consider is whether you really would get what they advertise.

We’ll talk about it in this issue

Why are people using online divorce sites?

That’s a good question. Perhaps as we continue to do more and more things online (shopping, banking, etc.) it probably seems only natural that we can do all things online.

Also, the ability to handle things online feeds into a desire for many to have their marriages dissolved as quickly as possible. However, divorce – and the consequences of it (child support, alimony, etc.) – is definitely something that needs to be shown your undivided attention and not handled in a rush.

Will an online divorce site really save me money?

It’s doubtful. While many sites make promises of a divorce using their services costing as little as $100 or less, that doesn’t even include the required divorce filing fee. The fee to file for divorce in San Diego is $435, and there’s no getting around that.

In some California counties, the costs are even more because of surcharges from court construction costs.

If the online divorce sites are lying to you about their costs, what else are they lying about?

Are there any guarantees with online divorce sites?

Hardly. Perhaps the only guaranteed service you can count on is the ability to access the necessary forms to file with the court. However, you don’t even have to pay an online service for those. In fact, you can download them yourself for fee from the California Courts site.  

More importantly, there are absolutely no guarantees that your interests will be protected at all by using an online divorce site. When you log off from an online divorce site, your feelings of relief from thinking the marriage is over could soon give way to the realization that you’ve actually been bilked out of your rights, entitlements and a whole lot of money.

If something with my case goes wrong with an online divorce site, it can always be fixed later, right?

Perhaps, but it will definitely cost you. If your divorce ends up badly due to mistakes with the online divorce site, it will be a matter of public record, and the associated costs of appealing your divorce will be much more expensive.

Don’t take chances. If you’re a man facing divorce in San Diego, call the Men’s Legal Center.

As we’ve said before, while you may be anxiously awaiting the end of your marriage, an experienced men’s divorce lawyer will make sure your interests are protected long after the final divorce notice has been issued.

To talk more about those options, contact the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego by calling (619) 234-3838 or reach us through email.


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