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“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams had hopes for an amicable divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee, but it looks like that’s out the window. According to Jesse, Aryn is not playing fair when it comes to custody and visitation of their two children.

We’ll talk about the situation in this issue.

How is Jesse being denied custody and visitation?

After he filed for divorce in April, Jesse rented a home less than 3 miles from Aryn so that he could spend more time with the children, ages 2 and 3.

However, he claims that Aryn allows him to see the children less than 3 hours a day and refuses to allow sleepovers.

To remedy the situation, Jesse has asked the Court to step in and issue a formal custody agreement.

How will the Court rule?

California courts look at several important factors when determining a formal custody agreement:

  1. Safety and welfare of the children
  2. Frequent and continuing contact with the children
  3. Which parent was the primary caretaker of the children during marriage?
  4. Is there an existing parenting plan?
  5. Is there a history of domestic violence on the part of either parent?
  6. Is there a history of alcohol or drug abuse on the part of either parent?
  7. Is the environment where the children would live stable?
  8. Are the children old enough to express their own wishes about custody, living arrangements and visitation?

It’s also important to consider the 2 types of custody in California.

  1. Joint legal and Physical custody
    Both parents are working together to make decisions and provide care for the children. Also, both parents enjoy legal and physical custody.
  2. Sole legal and Physical custody
    Only one parent has the right to make decisions for the child. Also, the child will live solely with that parent, but can visit the other parent as long as a schedule is in place.

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