Find Out Why Brad Didn’t Answer Angelina’s Divorce Petition


Find Out Why Brad Didn’t Answer Angelina’s Divorce Petition

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The Twitterverse was abuzz recently when Brad Pitt’s deadline for filing a legal response to Angelina Jolie’s divorce petition came and went with no filing.

While some see this as some sort of ploy, Pitt is well within his legal bounds to not file a response. Also, the move may be a shrewd way to position himself for a better custody arrangement.

Options for Responding to Divorce Petition

Under California law, you have 30 days to file a response after being served with a divorce petition.

You can:

  • Do nothing, which will most likely result in whatever your spouse or partner is asking for in the petition
  • Do nothing because you and your spouse or partner have a notarized agreement stating that you both reached a pact on the end of your marriage or partnership, and a host of associated things including division of property, spousal support, etc.
  • File a response with the court as well as reach an agreement with your spouse or partner, in which case the divorce will be ruled as “uncontested” because neither of you is fighting over the issues
  • File a response that disagrees with your spouse or partner, making it a “contested” case

Why Brad Chose Not To File

Because Pitt chose not to file, Jolie is in a position to demand a default ruling from the court. However, sources close to the former couple say that both parties want the divorce to be as smooth as possible for their children’s sake.

While no one is privy to all of the details of what is being negotiated behind the scenes, it’s known that Jolie is after sole physical custody. That’s at odds with Pitt’s reported decision to seek joint legal and physical custody.

A possible reason for Pitt not filing is that it will better his chances for his custody goals.

As things currently stand, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has an open investigation into a confrontation between Pitt and his 15-year-old son. Once that case is closed by the agency, Pitt will be positioned much better to get the custody ruling he’s after.

Served With a Divorce Petition? Call The Men’s Legal Center

Regardless of how the Pitt-Jolie divorce ends, it seems by all accounts that the two are on the same page in terms of making the ordeal as least stressful as possible for their children. For that reason, the two are to be commended.

If you’re served with a divorce petition, it’s crucial that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Here at the Men’s Legal Center, our sole purpose is to make sure that the rights of men are protected during the divorce process so that he’ll get a fair shake.

Call us at 619-234-3838 or send an email.

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