Family Values Group Suggests One-Year Waiting Period for Divorce


Family Values Group Suggests One-Year Waiting Period for Divorce

When people decide that it’s time to end their marriage for whatever reasons they believe are important, they often proceed to file the documentation necessary to get this process started.  Doing so in many situations is wise, as it takes time to complete a California divorce and the faster it gets started the sooner it’s finished.  However, a recent study has revealed that many people who are going through a divorce would give thought to reconciliation, and this has prompted action from an interest group.

On Friday, the Institute for American Values published a proposal that will be sent to state legislatures around the United States that would, if it became law, institute a one-year waiting period for people who want to pursue a divorce.  This one-year period before a divorce could be finalized would provide couples time to work out their issues that include property division, child custody and other common components of a California divorce.

This waiting period would also provide couples with an opportunity to explore the possibility of working on their marriage in an attempt to save it.  While these types of proposals rarely lead to action by legislatures, it does signify a growing line of thought that’s emerging with people with regards to divorce.  Many are convinced that if a couple works hard enough at a marriage that it can be saved.

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While this one-year waiting period is nowhere near to the point where it would become a reality, it does represent an interesting subplot regarding how some in our society view this process.  Unfortunately, when people are convinced that it’s time to end their marriage, that’s generally the best course of action to take for everyone involved, and for many being forced to wait would only unnecessarily prolong the process.

If you are considering bringing about an end to your marriage, you need to seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who have been helping husbands and fathers through this process for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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