Divorced Men do not have to Share Pension Increases with Exes


Divorced Men do not have to Share Pension Increases with Exes

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The Supreme Court of California has ruled that divorced men are not required to share increases in pension amounts with ex-spouses, according to recent reports.

Tim Green of Contra Costa County was an Air Force veteran whose firefighter pension allowed him to buy credits with his prior military service to increase his pension amount.  His former wife, Julie, argued that she should get a share of that increase due to the fact that he used “marital assets” to purchase the upgrade.

However, the Court ruled that the ex-husband had earned the credits prior to the marriage and that the ex-wife was only entitled to half of the money used to purchase the upgrade, a total of about $6,700.

This victory has implications for other men who use military or other credits to purchase higher levels of pensions in their retirement plans. Men may now be able to increase their retirement after a divorce without fear of legal repercussions in terms of alimony, and may even be able to purchase retirement upgrades during a marriage as long as they earned credits before the marriage took place.

How Can a Men’s Legal Center Attorney Help Me?

When men divorce, they are often confronted with a variety of issues and problems, especially those of a financial nature. Men still tend to be the breadwinners in most families, although changing social norms are slowly equalizing the income differential. However, for most men, divorce means some form of payment—in the form of alimony, child support, or other financial settlements. This can prove extremely difficult for most men to recover from, particularly if there was a large income differential in the marriage as when the wife did not work.

Men’s legal issues are different from those of women, especially in a divorce. An attorney who has the experience and knowledge to handle men’s special and unique legal problems can be a huge asset to someone who is struggling with a divorce, child custody or child support issue.

The attorneys at Men’s Legal Center are ready to work with anyone who has issues regarding divorce, child custody or financial issues. It is important for men to be fairly represented in family court, and this is more likely to happen when they have the help of a competent and experienced attorney.

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