Divorce Myths You Might Want to Ignore


Divorce Myths You Might Want to Ignore

divorce myths

Divorce is constantly featured in the media, and society has accepted many “facts” about divorce that may, in reality, be untrue. In fact, there are many divorce myths that those who are considering such a step may want to ignore.

  • Half of marriages will end in divorce. One of the most prevalent myths is that one in two marriages end in divorce. This statistic is not a statistic at all, but rather a projected number based on data from the 1970s and 1980s when the divorce rate was increasing. New studies actually show that the divorce rate has been dropping the last 20 years. Experts say that today people are waiting until later in life to marry, meaning they are more mature and financially stable. A projection based on this new data suggests that only one-third of marriages will end in divorce.
  • Divorce equals failure. Many who go through a divorce may be under the assumption that divorce equals failure. However, this is not true. Typically, people determine a marriage’s success on how long it lasts. However, critics argue that many people who divorce are much happier and more successful after they divorce.
  • Divorce harms children. Divorcing couples often fear that divorcing will harm their children. While divorce can be stressful for children, it will not necessarily harm them if handled carefully. What actually harms children is seeing their parents fight. Children need a stable and peaceful environment to flourish. The key in divorce is to create a new yet stable and peaceful environment for your children. While it may not be the traditional family, being available to your children and letting them know that they still have a stable environment is what is important.
  • Pre-nups can prevent divorce. Many who are planning on getting married are fearful of divorce. These individuals may think that they should “divorce-proof” their marriage with a prenuptial agreement or other arrangement. However, these types of arrangements will not prevent divorce. You cannot control what your partner will or will not do. Instead, a prenup is simply in place to ease the divorce process.

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