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Is Divorce Contagious?

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Recent studies show that a person may be more likely to get a divorce if he or she has a friend who is divorced. While many people fear filing for divorce due to lack of support from friends and family, this may change once a friend shares feelings of discontentment in marriage. These studies point to the idea that many people considering divorce have found “courage and reassurance” from divorced friends.

Living Together Apart

There is no way to know how many people are living with spouses they would just as soon divorce, but it is likely that many consider marriage a cohabitation rather than a supportive relationship. One of the most common reasons for fear of divorce is that it will hurt the children and that the filer will be considered responsible for splitting up the family. However, when someone is surrounded by friends who are enjoying a happy post-divorce life, that person may get the reassurance needed to file for divorce.

Having support from friends may also enable people to take a good look at the reality of the marriage situation. If two people are simply living in the same home but do not share any activities or interests, divorce could be the catalyst for both of them to start over in life. Seeing friends who have been successful in this may make it easier to accept this.

“Copycat Divorce” Statistics

The term “copycat divorce” was coined August 2014 when a study by Brown University, Yale University, and the University of California was published about the likelihood of getting divorced if one of their friends is divorced. The study showed that a person is 75 percent more likely to file for a divorce if they have a friend who is divorced or going through a divorce.

It is possible that some people are waiting for someone to pave the way for them. This may be due to fear of being the guilty party. Once a friend goes through a divorce successfully, however, it reinforces the idea that you will survive a divorce as well and even prosper afterwards.

If You Are Considering Divorce

If you are considering divorce and are finally ready to talk about it with a professional, contact the Men’s Legal Center. When it comes to filing for a divorce there are many things to consider. Divorce has life-long repercussions and it is important that you have an advisor to help you in the process. Men’s Legal Center offers assistance from attorneys who understand California’s complicated legal laws. They will help you navigate through the paperwork regarding spousal support, child support, child custody, and other matters. You do not want to do this alone. If you are contemplating divorce, contact one of the attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center for an initial consultation.

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