Dealing With Holiday Gift Giving


Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays can be a very stressful time for divorced dads. For one thing, the financial burden of buying tons of holiday gifts can leave you feeling distressed; for another, the sadness of realizing that old family traditions may no longer be possible can take its toll on your emotions. Instead of giving in to depression make a plan early to deal with holiday gift giving and other issues that may arise during this season. You will be more likely to enjoy the season with your kids and family and less likely to succumb to the holiday “blues.”

The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center are here to help you with all of your divorce issues. These experienced attorneys offer the following advice on holiday gift giving and other issues surrounding this time of year:

  • Keep it simple. Divorced parents must often travel some distance over the holidays to meet visitation requirements. Instead of opting for the huge bike or game system, why not purchase a gift card or order the item to be shipped to a local store where the custodial parent and child can pick it up? You can offer your child a card with printed information about the item or a gift card inserted to make shopping simple.
  • Keep it safe. If you fear your ex may be tempted to spend money on a gift herself, order the item you want online and have it shipped directly to your child. You will save hassle and help ensure your child benefits from your generosity rather than your ex.
  • Try to keep the lines of communication open. It may be difficult, but try to communicate clearly and without anger with your ex. Be sure to clarify dates, times and pickup locations for visitation and, if possible, discuss what gifts each of you will give the children and how you will transport them.
  • Don’t compete with your ex. This is time when many parents try to compete to give the “best” gifts. Do not play that game; you will find that it is expensive and you simply cannot win. Instead, invest in some quality time with your children.
  • Be flexible when necessary. Do not think that you always have to give the perfect gift. Sometimes it is better to listen to your children and adjust your plans accordingly.

The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center are here to help you deal with your custody issues through the holidays and beyond.

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