A More Cost Effective Divorce: What Is Mediation?


divorce mediation

Mediation is a way for the two parties to a divorce to save significant time and money by negotiating a settlement rather than asking a judge to make important decisions. Mediation is appropriate when a couple is not able to simply agree to all the terms of a divorce but is willing to work out their differences. Mediation works best when both parties are able to compromise on their specific requirements for the divorce settlement.

The Men’s Legal Center offers some answers to common questions about mediation.

Q: Is mediation appropriate for my divorce situation?

A: There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to questions about any divorce. Every situation is unique and each must be handled independently. Mediation can work for a variety of situations, but only your attorney can advise you as to whether it is a good legal choice in your circumstance.

Q: If I choose mediation, does that mean I cannot have a lawyer represent me?

A: No. In fact, if you do choose mediation, it is much wiser to have the advice of an attorney. An attorney can not only shield you from agreeing to poor decisions but can also act as a go-between for you and the other parties, minimizing your contact with them.

Q: Will I save money with mediation?

A: The most common reason to choose mediation is to save costs. Typically, mediation costs about one-third of a similar case that is settled in a courtroom. However, mediation is not always the cheapest route available. Your attorney can advise you of how much different actions will cost.

Q: Can I choose mediation if I have a complicated divorce?

A: Any case that can be tried can, theoretically, be mediated. However, mediation is usually most successful if you are able to come to some type of agreement with your spouse.

Call The Men’s Legal Center today to discuss your divorce and to learn which types of actions may be appropriate in your situation.

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