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In a previous blog entry, we talked about the importance of keeping the father-daughter bond strong. But the father-son relationship is equally important. In fact, how your son thinks of himself as a man and how he treats others is largely influenced by the example you set.

In this issue, we’ll share tips for how you can continue to keep your father-son relationship strong, and how it will ultimately benefit him in life.

How is my son’s life affected by our relationship?

While there are long-held beliefs that, later in life, women will look for men who are patterned after their fathers, those same beliefs confirm that men will mold themselves after their dads.

More specifically, there are reports that tell us fathers who actively express their support and love for their sons are able to positively affect much of their emotional and intellectual development.

How can I continue to influence my son after divorce?

After a divorce, you’re still his father. And there are a number of things you can do to strengthen the bond you have with him and to influence his life.

  • Give him time.
    The old saying is true: the greatest gift you can give your child is your time. That’s especially true when it comes to your son. Actively engaging in your son’s life will give him a fantastic understanding of life as a man. Whether you’re simply playing ball, having a conversation over a meal or working on a car, the conversations the two of you have will be filled with lessons for him.
  • Teach him how to treat girls.
    As stated above, the chances are good that your son will greatly model his life after the example you set – and that includes the proper way to treat women. Even if your parenting time is short, you have a lot of influence here. As a single father, you’ll do wonders by protecting your own heart and teaching your son that women – regardless of age – are to be treated with respect at all times.
  • Treat mom with respect.
    While this could be grouped into the previous paragraph, this topic deserves its own space. Regardless of what your ex says to you or about you, your son needs a mother whom he love and respects. At this point, his feelings do matter more than yours, so keep to the high road.
  • Don’t be shy about being the face of masculinity.
    If you’re the non-custodial parent, the chances are good that your son will be spending more time in a matriarchal environment. While there’s nothing wrong with that, your son needs a balance.

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Even though your marriage may be ending, your relationship with your son is not. That’s why it’s important to realize the important role you will forever play in his life.

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