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Clint Eastwood has long been seen as one of the original “tough guys,” but his talent as a fighter has not benefited him in marriage.  Eastwood is once again involved in a divorce lawsuit, this time from his wife of 17 years, Dina Eastwood.  Dina had previously filed for a legal separation, but withdrew the petition two days later.  Now, it appears from recent reports that she intends to go through with the divorce.

Perhaps most disturbing for Eastwood, 83, is Dina’s claim that she should have sole physical custody of the couple’s 16-year-old daughter Morgan and that a pre-nuptial agreement may need to be reviewed.  Dina, 48, may or may not be bound by the terms of that agreement.

This is Eastwood’s second divorce.  He left his first wife surrounded by gossip about his relationship with then co-star Sondra Locke.  However, a falling out with Locke after 14 years resulted in a bitter separation during which the actress claimed that Eastwood defrauded her.  He eventually settled with Locke for an undisclosed amount of money.

Big Stars, Big Problems

Generally, the marriages of stars follow certain patterns that can be traced back to fame and money.  While not every Hollywood star engages in extramarital affairs or tries to sue former spouses for millions, it happens often enough to make the news on a regular basis.  However, for most men, this type of divorce is fond hope and not reality.

However, that does not mean that “regular” guys may not also suffer from some of the same problems when facing divorce.  Infidelity, quarrels over property division and spats about child custody and support are not uncommon even for those who are not Hollywood legends.

It is very important that men, no matter what their career, income or age, understand their rights when it comes to divorce.  A pre-nuptial agreement may help but, as this case shows, pre-nuptials can also be challenged.  When facing a divorce, separation, custody or support battle, it is critical that stars and “regular guys” alike have the advice and help of a family law attorney.

A divorce lawyer may be able to help a man protect his rights in the face of a bitter or caustic divorce lawsuit.  Even if the divorce is cooperative, it is a good idea for men to have the support and legal advice of an attorney.

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