Fewer Parents Are Receiving Full Amount of Child Support


Census Data Reveals that Fewer Parents Are Receiving Full Amount of Child Support

When a national economy takes a precipitous downturn as the American economy has in recent years, every dollar becomes much more critical towards survival and financial health.  When people are unemployed, those dollars become scarce, and this affects innumerable financial obligations.  According to data recently released by the United States Census Bureau, one of the common types of financial obligations that’s growing in amount nationwide is child support.

According to the US Census Bureau, $35.1 billion in child support was owed to custodial parents overall in 2009.  However, only 61 percent of that obligation was paid to the parents who had custody of the children.  In addition, only 41 percent of parents who were owed child support received the full amount that they were owed during that same year, which was down from nearly 50 percent just three years earlier, before the economy fell into its current recession.  In addition, approximately 30 percent of custodial parents in 2009 did not receive any child support payments, which was a rise from 25 percent three years earlier.

Clearly, these are not positive statistics, and many of the individual situations can be tied to the high unemployment rate.  There have been several different and in some cases unique efforts made to collect these delinquent child support payments, but many expect this trend to at least hold steady until the economy improves.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

While anyone can run into financial trouble that’s no fault of their own, child support is a legal obligation that must be kept current so that the parent who is responsible for these payments can avoid legal trouble that can include interest payments, other penalties and in some cases even time spent in jail.  Those who encounter financial problems need to be proactive to avoid these additional problems.

If you are facing the possibility of dealing with a child support issue, you need to seek the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have been helping fathers through difficult situations for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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