Celebrate the Season: Nurturing Bonds and Cherishing Moments


Celebrate the Season: Nurturing Bonds and Cherishing Moments

Wise elders say, the most powerful currency we have is our time and attention. The holiday season is an invitation to connect and appreciate all that we are grateful for. This is why one of the greatest aspects about the holidays is getting to spend time with your family and friends.  Whether you or your children and close friends are traveling in order to be together or they are very close by, spending time with them should be a priority during this happy season.  It is tempting to try to cram a large number of activities into this time, as well, but this may be a mistake.  Everyone, including children, enjoy spending downtime with parents and adults, too. It is also worth being mindful not to get sucked into our phones, and it is good to consider setting time frames of when to have everyone off their phones. Even adults can get hijacked by games and social media, and have their eyes and attention glued to the phone!

Our suggestion is to consider planning a few exciting trips or activities which are calendared, but also include some time to simply stay at home, bake cookies or your favorite treats, and relax while enjoying some quality time with each other.   OH and make sure to take a fun, impromptu or festive picture to help solidify the moment. AND till January 4th, share your holiday photo or just describe it to enter a chance to win our $200, raffle, just share your holiday photo in the post!  A great way to create buy-in on the activities is to have everyone contribute ideas, and allow the brainstorming process to be as open and creative as possible. Here are some ideas the MLC family created for you to consider:


– Create Holiday cards or crafts as a group.

– Play legos, make paper airplanes or paint rocks (yes rocks )

– Go to the Park, Beach or on a short local hike.

– Host a potluck meal, and each member contributes an item.

– Before you eat food, have everyone share something they appreciate or are grateful for in the last week or month.

– Learn how to compost your food waste and add plants in your patio pots or garden

– Walk around the block and pick up trash.

– Drive around to see Holiday lights and drive through a car wash (yes a car wash)

– Have a Board Games night with some Fun Holiday Rule for the game:

Top player dresses up as the Elf , Grinch or Santa,, or last place does!

OR  have last place and first place play rock paper scissors on who wears which costume  

– Fly a kite, throw/kick a ball, play frisbee or Volleyball. 

– Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or senior center.

– Find a fun Meetup event near you (www.meetup.comor find a Volo League (www.volosports.com/San-Diego, and do it as a group or family activity.

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