You Can Survive the Divorce Process


You Can Survive the Divorce Process


For many, the word divorce evokes negative images and emotions. This view is not altogether unfounded. Most people in today’s society have either experienced a painful divorce themselves or have watched friends or loved ones fight through the process. Beyond all the bad emotions, however, there can be good things waiting after divorce. Although it is painful, divorce is sometimes the better choice among several bad choices and may lead to a more productive, healthy and happy life in the future.

A Positive Change

In a recent article on the topic, it was suggested that there can be positive outcomes after the divorce. The article’s author collected numerous people’s opinions on how they felt about their own divorce. People saw that they changed in positive ways they would not have without the divorce.

For many, the result was that they found new ways of thinking about themselves or changed bad emotional habits. Several people mentioned that divorce let them be who they really were in relation to other friends and family. Divorce sometimes helped them to become more assertive in their relationships. Instead of letting people force negative relationships on them, they found that they could demand and assert that things change.

Another factor mentioned was that divorcees learned that they cannot be responsible for other people’s happiness. Others said that after their divorce they have more reasonable expectations of people and do not hang on to relationships that are not working.

Many of the people interviewed said that they changed the way that they view themselves. One thing divorce seems to do is free people from expectations that they could never fulfill. In doing so, it allows them to figure out how to be the “best version of me I can be.” Another common result of divorce is that people find that they do not need a relationship to feel fulfilled but that “I, alone, am enough.” Strangely, the rejection of divorce may help some deal with rejection in general. They see that rejection is not the worst thing in the world and it is not something to fear.

Others find that they can live differently or discover new skills such as the ability to fix and install any appliance or piece of furniture. Divorce frees up time and emotions and can change the very rhythm of life. For some, divorce may ultimately result in a better person.

Divorce is a difficult process, but it does not need to leave you broken. Divorce can be a positive solution for situations which cannot be resolved. If you are considering divorce, you should call the Men’s Legal Center. Men’s Legal has been representing men in all issues related to divorce since 1986. Divorce may be difficult, but it is easier when you have experienced help in your corner.

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