Can Social Media Hurt You in a Divorce?


Can Social Media Hurt You in a Divorce?

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While using social media is an extremely popular pastime, experts warn that your online activity could actually cause trouble during a divorce. According to one expert, “There’s nothing at all that’s good that can come of social media and a divorce case…It’s incredibly dangerous because it’s so accessible — people go on it without even thinking. People engage in the process of social media through email, signing up for a dating site, or making a purchase they don’t want someone to know about. They are not thinking about the ramifications of their conduct.” When a divorce is occurring, there are high emotions that can only be amplified by social media activity. Experts suggest avoiding social media during a divorce to keep yourself as “clean” as possible.

How Your Online Activity Can Be Damaging

Few people consider the true consequences of social media activity. For example, if you go on vacation with someone new and post pictures online, your soon-to-be ex could see them and investigate your spending by subpoenaing credit card and bank statements. This could lead to you owing money during the divorce. One expert concludes that social media is “another tool to understand what divorcing people are doing that can lead to investigating information about the other person.”

When you make the decision to divorce, you cannot delete anything the court finds relevant. This includes your social media posts. Rather than deleting your account, simply stop using it. You should also ask your friends to avoid posting anything about you online. If you are not online, there is nothing that can be used against you.

Starting Fresh After Divorce

When you get a divorce, you are starting a new life. This includes your online life as well. If you share a computer and passwords, do not expect any privacy. Change your passwords to ensure you have privacy and your ex cannot snoop. Rather than deleting your social media accounts, simply deactivate them and establish new ones once the divorce is finalized. You should also consider establishing all new email addresses and passwords for all your accounts.

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help

If you are going through a divorce, you need the help of a skilled divorce attorney. Your attorney can provide you with sound legal advice for what you should and should not do during the process. The team at Men’s Legal Center is here to help you throughout the entire process, from filing to a final ruling.


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