State Budget Cuts Could Lead to Significant Delays in Family Law Cases


California State Budget Cuts Could Lead to Significant Delays in Family Law Cases

California is in a similar position to many other states these days in that it faces the reality of tough budget cuts in order to reduce its growing deficit.  These cuts are in the process of being made, and one of the areas that’s been significantly affected has been the state courts.  Therefore, anyone who is seeking a California divorce or who wants to handle any other divorce-related issue could be looking at a long wait before resolving whatever problem is in front of them.

According to many experts, the large budget cuts that have forced courts across the state to lay off employees only further crowds dockets and slows the process by which even seemingly basic tasks can be completed.  One estimate indicated that if someone files a California divorce and works to finalize it could be waiting for as long as 18 months until the marriage is legally dissolved.

This possibility could seriously harm the progress of many California divorce cases, including those that are not litigated, as people cannot completely move on until the court dissolves a marriage.  For example, anyone who wants to remarry after a divorce must wait until six months after the date that the divorce was finalized.  This could mean a wait of more than two years for many people.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers

Economic stress affects every aspect of life, and when someone needs to work towards ending their marriage they may need to understand the realities of the wait that could be involved.  In response, those who want to put an end to their marriage can still take steps towards doing so in such a way that proper planning could allow most of the legalities to be handled until such time as the courts legally dissolve a marriage.

If you would like bring about an end to your marriage, you need to take the initial steps as soon as possible.  Start by seeking the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who can help you complete as much of this process as possible as soon as possible.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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