California Dad Sues Japan Airlines after Wife Flees to Japan with Son


California Dad Sues Japan Airlines after Wife Flees to Japan with Son

When a California divorce is granted and the orders are entered, the terms of the dissolution of that marriage are as binding as any other court order that’s issued.  One of the most serious orders that is issued in conjunction with a divorce is that which involves child custody.  If that order is violated, it can and often times does lead to serious legal consequences.

Unfortunately, a situation revolving around a child that is now living in Japan may be beyond the reach of a California court that issued a joint custody order a few years ago.  Despite an order that prevented the mother, who was Japanese, from leaving a five-county area near Los Angeles and a directive to turn in her passport, the mother did make it to San Francisco with her son and flew to Japan with him on Japan Airlines.  She has not returned.

The father, who has not seen the boy for more than two years now, is suing Japan Airlines for their role in this trip.  It seems as though this is a limited option for him, as Japan is one of the few countries in the world that has not signed the 1980 Hague Convention.  This document requires the return of children who are wrongfully held to their country of residence.

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While there’s no way of knowing what the result of this lawsuit will be, what this situation should tell anyone is that in situations where there is a real risk of flight by the mother with the children of a marriage, nothing should be assumed when it comes time to work out the custody issue.

Those who are facing the end of a marriage or who have already been divorced and have this concern should not assume the best, but rather should seek the help of San Diego men’s rights lawyers who have helped countless fathers retain the right to see and to help raise their children.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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