California Courts Expanding Legal Definition of Parent


California Courts Expanding Legal Definition of Parent

For centuries, most people likely have thought that they understood what constituted a parent by legal definition.  Basically, a parent was someone who had a biological connection to a child or who had legally and formally adopted a child.  Being a parent of a child, clearly, gives rise to several different legal responsibilities and duties.  In a new twist, courts around California have recently been expanding who can be seen as a parent in the legal sense beyond the biological and adoption connections.

Specifically, one case in particular tends to support this point.  Two women were a couple and one of the women provided financial support for her partner’s child.  When the couple broke up, the woman who had been providing support was deemed to be a ‘parent’ in the legal sense and thereby assigned the responsibilities of any non-custodial parent, including support obligations.  This ruling was made even though the woman never adopted the child or married the child’s mother.

The woman appealed this decision, but the higher court upheld the decision and held that any adult who basically acts as a parent thereby takes on the legal responsibilities of a biological or adoptive parent.  Experts feel that this decision and those that have fallen in line with it will lead to potentially significant changes in the way couples who have children from previous relationships deal with the day to day realities of caring for these children.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

Clearly, there are many different ways that someone can be found liable for child support payments, and what is known is that when an order for the payment of child support is issued, it must be taken seriously and followed properly in order for the person who must pay this support to avoid additional legal trouble.

If you are facing a potential issue with regards to child support, you need to be proactive in handling it so that you can also avoid problems.  Seek the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have been helping fathers through these situations for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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