Limits Duty to Disclose Financial Changes


California Court of Appeals Rules Limits Duty to Disclose Financial Changes

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When parents either obtain a divorce or they otherwise part ways, the situation often requires untangling the legal issue regarding child support for the parent who will not have primary custody of that child.  As most people can understand given the current economy, financial situations can change quickly and drastically affect a non-custodial parent’s ability to remain current on those payments.  Based on a recent ruling by an appeals court in the state, these changes in circumstances could become more difficult to prove.

Generally speaking, when a court is making a decision regarding child support payments, that court will take into account financial disclosure statements that are entered with the court by the parents involved in the case.  These disclosure statements are required to be accurate, and the court will come to a decision on payments based on the information contained in these documents as well as some other information that is deemed relevant.

However, a recent Court of Appeals decision could serve to limit the disclosure requirements when someone moves to modify child support.  Specifically, the court stated that a parent’s duty to disclose changes in financial status that may affect child support terminate after a final order is entered by the presiding judge.  In essence, the ruling held that the initial child support order is deemed as final, and this ruling could make modifications more difficult in the future.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

Unfortunately, there is no telling how this decision will affect future cases where a non-custodial parent faces changed financial circumstances.  However, anyone who may be facing problems remaining current with child support payments need to be proactive in attempting to solve the problem as opposed to falling behind on this serious obligation.

If you are a father who is facing an issue that deals with these payments, you need to seek the help of experienced San Diego child support lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of dads for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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