California Budget Cuts Could Make Divorce Timelines Longer


California Budget Cuts Could Make Divorce Timelines Longer

The State of California, like millions of its residents, is facing a serious financial problem on many levels.  As a result of a nearly complete lack of funds that would continue to keep staffs at their current level, the state is being forced to lay off state workers at a breakneck pace.  One of the areas that will soon begin to feel the pinch is in courthouses around the state, and the result of these cutbacks could mean that divorce cases will take longer than they do now to complete.

According to several reports, county courthouses all over California are set to begin with their layoffs, and some have already begun.  These layoffs will lead to even longer delays as the staff that’s working these jobs now is seen by many to not be enough to handle the workload.  One judge has been telling parties and attorneys in Northern California that the average timetable for a California divorce would be 18 months.  This assumes that no problems arise and no additional delays are encountered because of problems that exist between the parties.

No one looks forward to a California divorce, and those who are involved in them obviously want to have them completed as quickly as possible so that they can put this difficult process behind them and move on with their lives.  For those who will run directly into this reality, however, it may be wise to look to different alternatives to complete this type of a case.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers

One of those alternatives could be divorce mediation.  This is an emerging process that allows the parties to a California divorce to basically negotiate a settlement to their case with the guidance of a mediator to keep things on point.  These types of cases tend to be completed much faster and also tend to cost much less than a traditional divorce.

If you would like to end your marriage and you’d like to try to avoid the lengthy delays that most will soon face, seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who have helped many clients move on with their lives.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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