British Study Breaks Down Reasons for Divorce in the United Kingdom


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Of all the countries and cultures in the world, the one most like the United States is the United Kingdom.  The language is basically the same, the legal system is similar and people’s lifestyles closely mirror each other on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  This is why the results of a recent study that was done in the United Kingdom regarding the reasons for divorce could carry some weight in the United States.  While none of the results of this study would qualify as shocking, they certainly are interesting and are worth reviewing.

The study was done by an entity known as The Co-operative Legal Services, which surveyed 2,000 married couples, including 800 divorcees.  According to the results of the survey, the following are the Top 10 reasons that marriages end in Great Britain:

  1. Lifestyle choices such as drinking and smoking
  2. Where the couple will live
  3. Division of household chores
  4. Whether or not to have children
  5. Time spent visiting families
  6. The choice between staying at home as a parent or continuing to work
  7. Choices regarding the upbringing of children
  8. Career ambitions
  9. Vacation decisions
  10. The amount of time spent with friends

Perhaps the most surprising answer provided in this study was that approximately 50 percent of the couples who had gotten married never discussed whether or not to have children before moving forward with the ceremony.  This seemed to hit on a theme that was touched on by the researchers, as they believe the foundational element was missing in most divorced couples’ lives was an open line of communication that should have started before they were married.

Obviously, there are many different causes for marriage breakdowns, but as stated earlier, this list seems to look somewhat familiar when compared to the reasons for divorce in the United States.  It’s a combination of big decisions and smaller, day-to-day decisions that tend to add up and lead to a cumulative effect that can wear down one or both spouses.  When people find themselves in this situation, they need to do something about it whether it involves changing the course of the marriage or taking steps to bring about an end to the marriage.

There is no one correct answer for everyone, as each marriage is unique and the specific set of problems for each marriage is also unique.  What is somewhat uniform is that husbands and/or fathers need to recognize the breakdown of a marriage before it occurs and take steps to insure that their legal rights are properly protected and enforced.

If you find yourself in this position, you need to take these steps as soon as possible.  The San Diego divorce lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center have been fighting relentlessly for the rights of husbands, fathers and non-custodial parents for many years.  Contact the firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

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