Blended Families Can Work! Justin Tells His Story


Blended Families Can Work! Justin Tells His Story

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Justin Satzman is a typical teenager. He likes baseball and hanging out with his dad. In this case, however, Justin’s “dad” is not his biological father but his stepfather, John.

Justin was interviewed recently about his relationship with his stepfather and siblings. His answers shed light on the changing nature of the blended family and how much of an influence stepdads are coming to have over children, often for the better.

Many men who are facing divorce are struggling to deal with their feelings about their own children and how they will handle it if another man marries their ex-wife. However, what they may not be thinking of is the surprisingly positive influence they themselves could have on another man’s children if they marry those children’s mother.

Reading Justin’s story is an eye-opening look into how one man took on the responsibility of fatherhood for a boy who was not his own and ended up having a tremendously positive influence on that young man’s life.

Justin Meets John

Justin Satzman’s parents divorced when he was a toddler, and his mother married John when he was only six. While Justin’s parents remained “friendly,” it was John, his stepfather, who taught him “how to be a man,” in Justin’s words.

Justin admits that he did not like John’s strict standards when he and his mom first married. However, his stepdad demanded respect and expected Justin to do chores around the home, including gathering wood for the winter. On the wood-gathering trips, John used the time to talk to Justin about everything from school to girls and even let him drive the truck.

The thing that Justin likes most about his blended family, including his half-brother Josh born to his mom and stepdad a few years after their marriage, is that everyone in the family is open and honest, being supportive without being critical. He states that “there will be no judgment and people will always love you no matter what.”

Becoming Part of a Blended Family

Statistics show that many men who divorce will go on to remarry and may well become stepparents at some point. It is important to remember that dads have great things to say and talents to offer to their own children as well as any stepchildren with which they are blessed.

For fathers who are facing divorce situations, a divorce attorney may be able to help with advice and representation in legal matters to assist in a smoother transition.

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