Child Custody Hand-Off Center to Minimize Risk of Confrontation



Baltimore to Set Up Child Custody Hand-Off Center to Minimize Risk of Confrontation

When people either complete a divorce after being married or they separate after having children together, one of the most volatile situations that can arise occurs when the parents must meet in order to exchange the children in accordance with the child custody and visitation provision that governs these arrangements.  As most people would surmise, these situations can easily lead to terrible confrontations and in some cases even violence.

Faced with mounting numbers of arrests and other serious problems that have arisen in recent years when parents exchange their children, the city of Baltimore is making use of a $300,000 federal grant by building and opening a child custody transfer center.  This center will serve as a place where the exchange of children can be supervised by authorities.  It will also serve as a place where supervised child visitation can take place.

Until now, Baltimore was like most places where a third party was named and approved by the court to serve as either an intermediary or a presence that was meant to minimize the risk of confrontation between the parents.  Unfortunately, these arrangements have not always been successful and the parents have been either left alone without this third party or the third party did not take proper steps to minimize the risk of problems.  This new center is hoped to be a place that all but eliminates these potential issues.

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Clearly, the exchange of children can involve heated discussions and powerful emotions that delve deeply into the psyches of the parents involved, and any problems that arise will only lead to the potential for long-term harm for the children who are being exchanged.  If you face a child custody issue, you need to seek professional help as soon as possible to make sure that your rights are protected.

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