Why You Should Avoid Dating During Divorce Process


dating during divorce

Even though you and your spouse may have separated, it’s rarely a good idea to begin dating someone else while you’re still going through the divorce process. In this article, we’ll talk about why.

Reasons to Say “No” to Dating While Separated

While we’re not in the business of giving out relationship advice, we are concerned with how certain actions may affect you legally. As it relates to your situation, dating can have a legal and practical impact on your divorce case – particularly when children are involved.
Whether you realize it or not, people are watching your actions while you and your spouse are separated. It’s very much akin to being under a microscope. If your spouse catches wind of unusual activity, details of it may be presented in court as evidence that you’re not acting in the best interest of your children.
If you’re counting on receiving any form of spousal support after the divorce, keep in mind that California Family Law dictates that if you move-in with your new love interest, your divorce decree may be changed. That’s because the court may very well rule that – as the supported person – you may no longer be in need of receiving any support.

Children Affected by Dating

It’s common for children to experience confusion and anxiety when they see one of their parents dating someone else. While most courts will not take specific wishes of children into consideration while determining custody issues, some may weigh the fact that the child is uncomfortable into their concerns.
After finding out who you’re dating – and trust us, they will – your spouse may also become more resistant to any shared custody agreements you may have already had in place.

Possible Effects of Dating on the Divorce Case Itself

It’s key to remember that judges are human, and they may develop a certain bias against you if you’ve already developed a serious relationship with another person before your divorce is even settled. Of course, while any bias is not acceptable in our legal system, human tendencies are difficult to turn off.

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