Angelina Hired a Private Investigator; Should You?


Angelina Hired a Private Investigator; Should You?

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According to reports, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after her private investigator confirmed suspicion of his infidelity.

Because California is a no fault state, there’s really nothing to be gained by proving your spouse is cheating. However, there are solid reasons for hiring a private investigator for help in your divorce.

Find stashed cashed

Because they have access to a host of databases and records that the average person does not, private investigators are generally very good at discovering hidden assets. A good private investigator will use that access for cross references and other information to establish patterns and potential leads of where to look for hidden assets.

Even though infidelity itself has no bearing on the divorce, a private investigator can be helpful in confirming suspicions of your spouse taking part in unlawful “gifting” of marital property to a third party.

Remember, as soon as a petition for divorce is filed, automatic restraining orders kick in to protect marital property. If a spouse is suspected of passing along marital property to their extramarital partner, a private investigator can help with proving those suspicions and help with the recovery of the property.

Strengthen your custody rights.

Gathering information that can affect custody, child support or visitation rights is a common reason private investigators are hired.

For example, your spouse’s new boyfriend may have a criminal record no one else knows about. That information – which is vital in protecting the best interests of the child – can be obtained by a private investigator. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to know who that person is because they may be spending lots of time around your child.

Other issues like a child left unattended for extended periods of time, reckless driving and endangerment, etc. can be address by evidence gathered by a private investigator.

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When it comes to hiring a private investigator, it’s best to talk with your lawyer about it first. There are rules related to confidentiality and privilege that do not go into effect when the private investigator and client are working directly.

Also, it’s more likely that the evidence discovered will be gathered and documented in compliance with California law when the private investigator is directed by your lawyer.

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