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Jobs and Divorce

Before taking a new job, it’s common to focus on how things like salary, benefits and commute will affect our lives. We may want to begin thinking about how this great new gig may affect our marriage. In this article, we’ll focus on results from a Radford University study that revealed occupations at most risk for experiencing divorce.

The Study at a Glance

Radford researchers relied upon U.S. Census data and a unique algorithm that revealed divorce rates for nearly 500 careers.

Careers With Highest Divorce Rates

  • Dancers & Choreographers – 43%
    Dancers routinely work long hours usually on the road for little pay. Those three factors are known as being relationship killers. Additionally, dancers typically do not need to have a college education; another possible red flag since research has shown that over half of marriages in which neither spouse has graduated from high school ends in divorce.
  • Bartenders – 39%
    Mix in the late nights, party atmosphere and consumption of alcohol, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for a relationship roadblock. Because of their job requirements, bartenders are usually at the center of it all, in terms of pleasing the customer. Additionally, the fact that bartenders normally work extremely long hours, and base a large portion of their salary on tips from satisfied customers.
  • Massage Therapists – 38%
    By nature of their job, massage therapists are in close, physical contact with their customers – who are often repeat customers – in private settings. It’s of little surprise that clients routinely develop crushes on their therapists.
  • Casino Workers – 35%
    Because alcohol and job location are among the biggest known contributors to divorce, it’s hardly a shocker that Nevada has the highest divorce rate of any other state in the U.S. When you factor in the educational requirement (a high school diploma), casino workers are often in the same predicament as dancers.
  • Manufacturing Employees – 33%
    Like bartenders and dancers, manufacturing workers often experience low income and are not required to have an advanced degree. Throw into the mix that workers in manufacturing are subject to high rates of unemployment, and it’s easy to see why the divorce rate is high.

No Matter Your Profession, The Men’s Legal Center Can Help You Tremendously

Having a particular job in a particular industry in no way automatically dooms you to divorce. If you’re male and are facing divorce or other family law issue, though, you should know that the Men’s Legal Center can be of tremendous help for you. Our sole commitment is to ensure that men receive a fair shake in California family law courtrooms.

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