5 Tips for Reducing Your Child’s Gadget Time


5 Tips for Reducing Your Child’s Gadget Time

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Time with your children is something to be cherished. With many children’s fascination with gadgets and technology, however, quality time with your child can be a fleeting idea.

In this issue, we’ll talk about the negative impact that too much time with gadgets and technology can have on you and your child, and share tips for how you can establish a gadget-free zone when you’re with your children.

How does gadget fascination affect a person?

It would be difficult to deny the notion that many people (adults and children alike) spend an inordinate amount of time with gadgets and technology. In fact, a recent article in New York Magazine compared digital gadgets to “the cigarettes of this century.”

Children are especially vulnerable to spending too much time with gadgets because they’ve been much more influenced by the drastic technology change that made smartphones and tablets such an integral part of our daily lives.

Youngsters who spend too much time with gadgets and technology are found to:

  • be at a higher risk of obesity;
  • develop aggressive behavior based on what they see in the games and online;
  • have less energy; and
  • have increased difficulty in concentrating on school activities

How can I reduce the amount of time my child spends on gadgets?

Regardless of the type of custody plan you have, there are some proactive steps you can take in establishing a gadget-free zone, and begin spending more quality time with your children.

  1. Don’t liken gadgets to toys.
    If your child is a toddler, smartphones and laptops should not be presented as toys. Instead, spend more time with your child reading and exercising, or give them a toy that is not technology-based.
  2. Don’t set the wrong example.
    Whether you realize it or not, your children are watching you and will pick up on your habits. Get into the habit of using your gadgets at a bare minimum when with your child.
  3. Establish tech-free zones.
    Times that you and your child are doing something together should be tech-free times. Refrain from putting your smartphone on the table at dinnertime, and make sure your child does the same.
  4. Enforce time limits.
    Set a limited time for your child to spend with the TV or with their gadgets, and strictly enforce the rule.
  5. Get active.
    Ge involved – and active – with your child. Go outside and throw a ball together, go on a hike, paint something. Whatever you decide to do together, the chances are better than average that it will be more likely to generate a lasting bond between you and your child.

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As a father, you have a tremendous responsibility in raising your children. While it can be tempting to use a smartphone or tablet as a form of babysitter, you’ll be far better able to make life-lasting memories if you’re actively involved with your child.

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