5 Fashion Tips For Divorced Men



Feeling good and looking good often go hand-in-hand, but let’s face it: many men who marry have their clothes selected and bought by their partners. When divorce happens, many of those men are simply at a loss for what looks good on them.

If you’re intimidated when it comes to style, we’ll provide a few tips in this issue that will give you the confidence you need to put your best looking self forward.

Fashion Tips for Divorced Men

  1. The skinny on facial hair.
    There’s no getting around the fact that beards – from the full lumberjack look to the light stubble – are definitely in. It’s best, however, to choose one end of the spectrum and go with it. The advantage of a full bear is that it can hide your jawline if you’ve put on a few pounds but a clean shave will show your confidence in your appearance. And hardly anything looks better on a man than confidence.
  2. Go for quality over quantity.
    In short, buy the best that your budget allows. The chances are better than average that the higher priced shirts and pants will last a good bit longer than the cheaper stuff, and it’ll feel better to your skin as well.
  3. Make the investment of a good haircut; it’ll be worth it.
    The good news is that you don’t have to have a full head of hair to look stylish these days. If you’re thinning on top, avoid the comb-over at all costs. Instead, go with the short, neat look or even bald. Seriously, if you’re a bald(ing) man, this is your time because bald is hip.If you’ve been blessed with a follicle-rich head, take a look at men’s magazines that feature photos of men your age. Pick one you like and make an appointment with a good stylist; you won’t regret it.
  4. Know the limits of casual.
    You should never, ever combine socks with sandals. Also, if you’re going to go with jeans and t-shirts, make sure the shirts are neutral in color and aren’t too tight. As for the jeans, it’s a good idea to have at least one pair of dark jeans that aren’t too tight, either.

If you’re thinking about the sagging pants look, you should definitely think again. Wear your pants around your waist and always wear a belt.

  1. Know business casual.
    A dark sportcoat is definitely a good investment because it goes with practically anything and looks sharp while requiring very little effort. As for your dress shirts, making the effort to have them cleaned and pressed will do wonders for your appearance, will keep your clothes lasting longer and will do wonders for your confidence.

For expert advice from a men’s divorce lawyer in San Diego, call The Men’s Legal Center.

There’s no need to go around in life looking shabby. Remember, your divorce can be the perfect time to reinvent yourself.

If you’re a man facing divorce, we urge you to get in touch with us here at The Men’s Legal Center. Our sole purpose is to make sure men have the resources and knowledge they need for the best possible outcome in family court.

You can reach us at 619-234-3838 or via email.


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