4 Ways Divorce Can Be Your Opportunity To Thrive


4 Ways Divorce Can Be Your Opportunity To Thrive

4 Ways Divorce Can Be Your Opportunity To Thrive

Studies tell us that divorce can be among the most stressful events in a person’s life – but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. In fact, divorce can be an opportunity for you to thrive.

We’ll talk about it in this issue.

How can stress from divorce affect me?

Because no two of us are alike, it’s difficult for anyone – expert or not – to accurately predict how divorce will affect your life.

The more common reports of divorce stress include worries about making plans to start over, the disruption of a familiar lifestyle, the potential for disruption of time with children, and possibly having less money to make ends meet.

But, again, we’re all individuals, which means the power to avoid that stress and turn your divorce into a life-saving event is within you.

How can I turn my divorce into a good experience?

Take the high road when breaking up with your spouse or partner.

Yes, we know that’s easier said than done in many instances, but at the end of the day, aren’t you divorcing because both or one of you is unhappy? Even if you’re not the one initiating the divorce, it’s critical to realize that staying with a partner or spouse who’s unhappy will ultimately affect you in very negative ways.

A new lease on life.

In a recent issue, we talked at length of how divorce is an incredible opportunity to reinvent yourself – and that’s exactly what it is. By leaving an unhealthy – an unhappy – relationship in the rearview mirror, you are definitely taking control of your life. Once the divorce is finalized, your future is truly in your hands.

Give yourself a break.

Divorce may bring a few added responsibilities – especially if you’re a parent – but rather than stressing over how you’ll get things done, learn to live in the moment. For example, when with your kids, work and the other worries of life can take a backseat. Focus on what – and who – is in front of you and what’s around you. There’s plenty of beauty and wonder around you; take off your horse blinders and enjoy the moment.

Use your Spidey Senses.

Feelings of self-doubt are common for many people going through a divorce.But this is a good time to pay attention to your gut when making decisions. If a       particular decision feels right in your heart, the chances are good that you’re being true to your own integrity.

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As we wrote previously, divorce can indeed signal a fantastic prospect for making your life immeasurably better. The power is definitely within yourself.

If you’re a man thinking about the prospect of divorce in San Diego, it’s crucial that you select an attorney specializing in men’s rights.

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